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                  || shri sadguru narayan maharaj ||


Shri Maharaj said about himself "I am a human being. Do not expect any miracles from me"

This rationality of Shri Maharaj makes him truly a great saint of our times.

Shri Maharaj had a QUALITY that drew people towards him. It was this QUALITY that transformed a drought prone village of KEDGAON.



Shri Narayan Maharaj was born in 1890 in BAGALKOT KARNATAKA in a Kannada Brahmin family. When he was four years old he lost both his parents and was brought up by his grandmother.

Shri Maharaj was a devotee of the god Dattatray. He left his home and property to lead a life of peace and devotion.

Soon he reached Kedgaon a place about 60 Km from Pune, India and he started residing here. It came to be known as the Bet Kedgaon.

Bet in local language (Marathi) means ‘island’. In those days the Bet was surrounded by water canals.

Shri Balkrishna Athavle who has writen a book on the life of Shri Maharaj says:

Shri Maharaj was kind and gentle. He never hated anyone in his life.

Shri Narayan Maharaj lived his life to serve humans and, to relieve them of their sorrows.

He recommended to all the principle of 'annadaan'that is giving of food to all especially the poor.

Maharaj said "The way to happiness lies in repeating the name of GOD not only in religious rituals".

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